Connect your Shopify store to Crazy Egg and build a better website experience quickly and easily.

Connect Your Store

Three Easy Steps


Start by running Crazy Egg's five visual Snapshot reports to understand user behavior in your Shopify store.

Heatmap report
Scrollmap report
Confetti report
Overlay report
List report

Watch actual visitors navigating through your Shopify store with our Recordings feature.


Use Crazy Egg’s A/B testing tool to experiment with changes to your Shopify store and discover what new design elements get you the most purchases.

The Benefits of Connecting Your Shopify Store to Crazy Egg

Once you’ve got the two accounts connected, you can:

Access Crazy Egg from your Shopify dashboard - no separate login necessary

Use our Marketing Activities shortcuts in Shopify

Change or upgrade your Crazy Egg subscription

Turn your Shopify store visitors into customers.

Connect Your Store

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