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Crazy Egg Cookie Policy

Crazy Egg uses cookies on this website. By use of this site, you accept the use of cookies in accordance with this Cookie Policy. You may disable use of cookies on this site through your browser settings.

Overview of Cookies

Cookies are small files that are downloaded by a browser when a set is visited. Cookies are returned to an originating site and/or third party site on subsequent visits. Cookies may serve several functions, including remembering user preferences, visited pages, time and dates, and other metrics.

Types of Cookies Placed on the Site

Crazy Egg's uses first-party cookies (small text files that Crazy Egg stores locally on your computer) on Client Sites for one or more of the following purposes:

  • User identification and authentication
  • User preference storage
  • A/B performance testing
  • Usage pattern assessment and traffic analysis
  • Advertisement performance assessment

Cookies placed by Crazy Egg do not include personally identifiable information such as name, phone number, e-mail address or mailing address, nor does Crazy Egg link cookies to such personally identifiable information in our servers or databases.

Cookies Used on this Site

Some of the cookies that we use on this site, and the purposes for which these cookies are used, are provided below. Please note that this list is not exhaustive; additional cookies may be added, and we may update or remove the cookies below.

Cookie Name(s) Source Duration Purpose
Cookies set directly by this site
ce2ab Crazy Egg 5 years Store page variants assigned to visitors for A/B performance testing
ce_login Crazy Egg 1 year Remember the last email address you used to login
ceac Crazy Egg 1 year Account ID number
sid Crazy Egg Session (expires when the browser is shut down) Identify logged-in users.
Cookies set by the Crazy Egg tracking script
_ceir, is_returning Crazy Egg 5 years Track whether a visitor has visited the site before
_CEFT Crazy Egg 1 year Store page variants assigned to visitors for A/B performance testing
ceg.s Crazy Egg 3 months Track visitor sessions
ceg.u Crazy Egg 3 months Track visitors on your site
Cookies set by third-party services installed on this site
__ar_v4 DoubleClick advertising service from Google 5 years Advertisement conversion rate tracking
__distillery Wistia 1 year Video analytics
__zlcmid, __zprivacy Zopim 1 year Live technical support chat preferences and visitor session ID
_ga Google Analytics 2 years Unique visitor ID
_gat Google Analytics 10 minutes Request rate throttling
ki_r, ki_s, ki_t, ki_u Qualaroo 5 years Customer surveys
km_ai, km_lv, km_ni, km_uq, km_vs, kvcd KISSmetrics 5 years Provide information about how visitors use the site
optimizelyBuckets Optimizely 10 years Store page variants assigned to visitors for A/B performance testing
optimizelyEndUserId Optimizely 10 years Unique visitor identifier
optimizelyPendingLogEvents Optimizely 15 seconds Record visitor activity
optimizelySegments Optimizely 10 years Hold visitor's audience segmentation information

To Block or Remove Cookies

If you would like to block, remove, or opt-out of the placement of cookies by Crazy Egg, please see the instructions in our Privacy Policy, under the headings "Use of Cookies" and "Opting Out".

Further Information

For further information regarding cookies, please see, or


This Cookie Policy was last updated on June 28, 2016