Build a Better
Shopping Experience

Every visitor is a potential customer. Use our heatmaps, session
recordings and A/B testing tools to make sure your online store is
optimized for purchases.


Improve the shopping experience.
Increase your revenue.


The key to growing your ecommerce business is to understand the path to purchase.

Crazy Egg Heatmap Report

See attention hotspots
on product pages

Crazy Egg Confetti Report

Track ad campaign
traffic on your site

Crazy Egg List Report

Understand whether shoppers are
clicking where they should

Crazy Egg Scrollmap Report

Make sure your 'buy now' buttons
are in the right place

Website Recordings

Identify navigation obstacles on the path to purchase. Find out why shoppers are abandoning their carts.

Crazy Egg Records the Entire User Session

From the moment a visitor comes to your site to the end of their session, you'll see every movement of their cursor and everything they click on.

Find the Website Recordings You Really Need

Use our Recordings Filter to find specific recordings on your pricing page, specific features, signup flows, or any other section of your site.

A/B Testing Tool

Reach your revenue goals faster. Optimize your website design for purchases, subscriptions, and email signups.

editor in action

Make Design Changes On the Fly With Crazy Egg Editor

Our A/B Testing Page Editor gives you the power to change elements like images, copy and CTAs in your ecommerce store without the need for a developer. Get in, get out, and get on with your day.

test goal

Easily A/B Test Goals and Conversions

A/B testing conversion tracking and reporting can be a nightmare. With Crazy Egg, you'll pick a goal like "Sell More Products" based on a URL, form submission, or a clicked link/button. You can also set up a JavaScript call if you want. Simple and easy.

ab test image

Winning A/B Testing Versions Launch Automatically

As soon as we detect a winning variant, we'll send more traffic to that winner automatically. This gives you as many purchases or email signups as possible without having to waste any traffic.

Apply Crazy Egg’s Customer Insights To Your Shopify Store


Skip the installation and go straight to analyzing and improving the shopping experience for your customers!

With our new Shopify integration, getting started is a breeze.

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