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Whether your goal is to increase sales, subscriptions, or get more pageviews, our website optimization tools can help you get there:

Heatmaps, Scrollmaps
& Click Reports

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"A super tool to see how visitors interact on your website!"


Scrollmap, Heatmap and Confetti Reports

Get rid of best practices, opinions, and design guesswork. Our heatmaps, scrollmaps, and other visual reports will show you exactly how your customers responding to elements on your site.

Crazy Egg customer Radio Free Europe uses heatmaps to boost content engagement and placement on their homepage.

With the power of Crazy Egg's heatmapping tools, you can:

  1. Add an extra layer of insights to your Google Analytics data
  2. Drill down to how your email and ad campaign visitors are behaving on-site
  3. Make sure your CTAs are being seen
  4. Place content in the order of importance to your customers
  5. Track what’s going on behind pop up forms or login screens
  6. Set a website or page redesign project up for success.

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User Session Recordings

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"Does exactly what I need it to do, with no hassle."

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Crazy Egg records the entire user session. Understand general patterns of how people browse your site, or investigate a particular point in the buyer’s journey where people are dropping off.

Crazy Egg customer Intuit uses visitor insights from Recordings to figure out what design changes need to be made.

With Recordings, you have the ability to:

  1. Identify areas of customer frustration, like form glitches or confusing nav
  2. See in real time how people are interacting with your product or checkout pages
  3. Dive into particular audience segments like New, Mobile, or Most Active visitor
  4. Filter by source (like Google)

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A/B Testing Tool

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"We’ve been able to make some significant UX improvements with the insights from the heatmaps, screen recordings, and A/B testing"

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Put your Heatmaps and Recordings observations into action and minimize any risk!

Crazy Egg customer WallMonkeys saw a 550% increase in their conversion rate when they A/B tested their homepage.

Our A/B Test interface makes it super simple to:

  1. Pick a goal
  2. Map a desired website action to that goal
  3. Watch the results come rolling in

As soon as we detect a winning variant, we'll send more traffic to that winner automatically. This gives you as many conversions as possible without having to waste any traffic.

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We play nice with popular marketing tools like Shopify, Wix, WordPress and AWeber so you can get more value out of what you’re already using.

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"Just give it a try - they offer a free trial and it's incredibly easy to install the code on your site. Depending on how many pages you want to track, setup could take five minutes or less."

Try Crazy Egg tools for free.

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